Pietro Girardi - musician


My story, so far...

Early years

As many artists, I started approaching music very early. My mother was a good classical pianist: she and my sister gave me the very first lessons, at the age of 7.

I was really attracted from the piano and liked so much either to play melodies heard on the radio and improvise brand new tunes. It was my preferred toy, and this way of approaching an instrument is very important to me still today: as the great Pat Martino told me once in a masterclass, "if one day I'll find out I'm not having fun with it anymore, I'll quit immediately".

computers and music
Are you keen on computers?

My interest in computer music begun in 1992 with a desired dream machine: an Amiga 500, great and extremely powerful (for that time) personal computer with MIDI and sampling capabilities.

After producing several tunes that gained good reviews in a computer games magazine, in 1994 I begun to study classical and jazz piano; in the meanwhile I joined several pop/rock bands, soon switching to jazz and fusion.

Master Classes, Live Music
Master Classes, Live Music

I've been playing hundreds of gigs in many different venues; in 2002 I had a scholarship to attend the Berklee Summer School at Umbria Jazz (Perugia, Italy) having the chance to study with world class teachers from the States (Larry Monroe, Mark White, Jeff Stout, etc.).
My first record, Breathe, has been published that year; in the meanwhile I started releasing music on first MP3 portals like Audiogalaxy.

I've been an associate SIAE (Italian Society of Composers and Editors) since 1998. During those years I had the chance to endorse Yamaha Keyboards and teach jazz and modern piano in a private music school: activities that gave me so much both professionally and personally.

Pietro Girardi - shooting Insolito Quartet's video
Recording, studying, working...

In 2004 I got a degree in Economics and my first dayjob as a webmaster at the University of Venice. In 2008 I published "Minimal", my very first worldwide distribution (both in CD and MP3 format) that have had several positive feedbacks from listeners and critics all over the world, "on air" on many web radios (SKY.FM, LAST.FM, and many others).
In 2010 I achieved the Licence of Theory and Solfeggio at the Ferrara Conservatory. During the same year I published "Morning", composed and arranged using only piano, keyboards and a well equipped digital audio workstation. A track from this record, "Seven Days", has been chosen among many to be featured in the sampler CD sold together with the U.S. magazine "JAZZIZ".
In March 2016 I gained the Master's Degree in Jazz Piano at the Conservatory of Venice and the "Peggy Guetta Finzi" grant, given for the first time to Jazz students of the Conservatory.

Since 2012 I'm producing music for commercials, video and multimedia. My music have been used by advertising agencies, video production companies and filmmakers around the world (more than 200 licences sold).
In 2017 I wrote and produced 3 soundtracks for short movies (UK and Italy) and 2 for videogames (US and France). You can hire me through Envato Studio.

In 2014 I published HOME with my long time friend and great saxophone player Ferruccio Toffoletto. In this new release, jazzy and mediterranean atmospheres blends together in a smooth and relaxed mood. We had the pleasure to be featured again in the JAZZIZ sampler CD (fall 2014 edition), this time with the tune "Tapis Roulant".
My first publication in 2018 is a CD recorded on piano "four hands" with my teacher and mentor Arrigo Cappelletti, entitled "Memories of the Last Century". My new solo piano CD will be published by the end of the year, check back for updates!